Cylinder Services

We are equipped to repair and overhaul Lycoming and Continental cylinders. You can bring us your cylinders or bring us the airplane and we can remove and install the cylinders.

We do an inspection on your cylinders to evaluate the feasibility of repairs or overhaul. If the findings aren't favorable or repairs more expensive we will notify you before proceeding with the work.

We can inspect, evaluate and remedy some cylinder problems while the cylinders are still on the aircraft.


We perform the following cylinder work:

Cylinder Overhauls

Porting & Polishing

Cylinder Repairs--- 

Bore Honing & Over-sizing

Valve Guide Replacement 

Valve Seat Replacement 

Valve Replacement 

Broken Stud & Bolt Replacement 

Spark Plug Hole Thread Repair 

Rocker Arm Rebush & Tip

Serdi 100 Cutting Valve Seat

Serdi 100 Cutting Valve Seat

Cylinder Equipment


Sunnen CK-10

Cylinder Honing


Serdi 100

Valve Seat Cutting and Valve Guide Cutting & Honing


Sioux Model 2001

Valve Face Grinder

Rocker Tip Facing

Our Sunnen Cylinder Hone in Action

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