Aircraft Engine and Cylinder Overhauls

Aircraft Engine and Cylinder Overhauls

Aircraft Engine and Cylinder OverhaulsAircraft Engine and Cylinder OverhaulsAircraft Engine and Cylinder Overhauls


 Conveniently located at the Palmer Municipal Airport, Custom Aircraft Inc. offers repair and overhaul services for Lycoming and Continental aircraft engines. We also provide airframe maintenance and inspection services.  

Quality Workmanship by Experienced Staff

Certified Engines

We are a well equipped Aircraft Service facility that can perform he smallest repairs to the most extensive overhaul of complete engines, cylinders and components. With a sizable inventory of new and used parts we likely have what you need. We also offer engine removal and replacement and on wing repair to suit your needs.

Experimental Engines

We can help you make your flying dreams a reality. We offer many Custom and High performance options for Experimental Aircraft owners whether you are just trying to get flying or you are looking for more performance from your aircraft. Want an all new engine? We can provide you an engine custom assembled with all new parts as a competitively priced option to a traditional overhaul.

Engine Testing

We are set up to run large & small Lycoming and  Continental engines. We have a dynomometer installed to provide data on each engine run.

What is a Bush Pilot?

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"You start flying with an empty bag of experience and a full bag of luck. The trick is to fill your bag of experience before you empty your bag of luck."